Peace Equalizer - User Interface for Equalizer APO

Peace Equalizer - User Interface for Equalizer APO for Windows

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  • Version: 1.0

A free equalizer APO for your Windows device

Peace Equalizer is an APO that adds more to your GUI, such as an effects panel for balance, delay, cross-feeding, and a graph window. It can be used as an audio mixer for your desktop device if it has Windows installed.

Plenty of features and functions

The good thing about this program is just how many functions and features it has, such as 9 speaker support, and the fact you can pre-amplify dB values for your volume control. You can filter frequencies and add filters for things like peak, high/low shelf and pass and so forth.

Detailed controls

The tool is not primitive. For example, you can select which device you wish to use the equalizer to configure, and you can alter sounds through well-devised function buttons like compress and expand buttons. You can graph your filters per speaker if you wish.

Fairly sophisticated for a free equalizer app

The GUI is pretty ugly to look at and looks very lackluster, but the app itself is loaded with features and functions. It has many time-saving functions and elements that exist for your convenience. It's a well-thought-out app that is not intuitive but doesn't contain common niggling annoyances.

Simplification and optimization

This app has support for themes and is available in several languages. It has automatic activation by device selection and program start. Once you understand what the program does, and understand its functions, it can be used fairly efficiently, especially when you consider the many things it does to save you time and effort when you use it next time.


  • Can be controlled by tray, desktop shortcuts, and hotkeys.
  • Create and save your own equalizer configurations.
  • Up to 31 gain dB Equalizer sliders per speaker/channel.
  • EQ profile present can be activated with one click.


  • GUI is not pretty to look at.
  • Tutorials on the program are scarce.
  • Not newbie-friendly.
  • Virus scanners think it is a virus.


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Peace Equalizer - User Interface for Equalizer APO


Peace Equalizer - User Interface for Equalizer APO 1.0 for PC


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